River Valley Fellowship of Ministry

RVFM is a denominational organization that exists to train and equip men, women and children with the Word of God in the power of the Holy Spirit and with a lifestyle of worship, to reach their local communities and the nations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We seek to expand the Kingdom of God worldwide by providing doctrinal and procedural oversight, pastoral care, mutual accountability, ministry resource and fellowship for our credential holders, affiliated churches, and ministries. We also purpose to fellowship with all five-fold ministers, missionaries, leaders, churches and ministries who manifest the Spirit of Christ and who encourage and edify the body of Christ. While caring for widows and orphans, planning and implementing humanitarian relief efforts to the poor and those affected by poverty and disaster, establishing and strengthening new churches and ministries locally and overseas, and the distribution of Christian literature.

the river valley prophesy

In 1948 two prophetic words were given by two different individuals who did not know or had even heard of each other. The first was given in Spooner, WI. By a missionary from an independent missions group and six months later the second was given in Luck, WI. by an Assemblies of God missionary. One couple who had heard both prophecies said that they were almost word for word as they were given.
The prophecy basically stated that just before Jesus comes a revival would start at the head of the St. Croix River and continue southward down the entire river. They stated that the effect of this revival would reach out 100 miles on each side of the river and continue until Jesus comes. They also stated in its path several of the cities would be won entirely over to the Lord (every person in that city saved!). Along with the salvation of thousands would also be the miraculous in the areas of finances, healings, and deliverances of all kinds and a return of entire areas to Biblical living, once again, right up to Jesus’ coming in the rapture.

the Vission

God has asked us to Plant and oversee 24 churches in the St. Croix River Valley from Solon Springs, WI. to Prescott, WI. and up to 100 miles east and west by 2027.